The Changing of America

The Changing of America

By David R. Barnhart
Volume 30 Summer 2015 Issue 3

Religious liberty will become a thing of the past for Christians who desire to remain faithful to God’s Word

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided that same-sex marriage shall be the law of the land. Every Christian in America should now be asking—How far away can be the judgment of God? In this man’s opinion, not far at all. Just what form God’s judgment will take, I will not venture to say, but to quote Ruth Bell Graham, “If God does not punish America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!”

The changes that are about to unfold in this country as the direct result of the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage cannot be fully imagined. The current administration and the homosexual lobby are ready to pounce on Christianity, demanding it be forced to accept every type of sexually deviant behavior imaginable, thus securing what they deem to be their “constitutional rights” in every facet of American culture and life. However, these newly claimed gay rights were never imagined or intended by the framers of the Constitution, yet their recognition by the courts will soon erode the rights of those whose consciences are smitten by the Word of God.

Religious liberty will become a thing of the past for Christians who desire to remain faithful to God’s Word, because, for Christians opposition to same-sex marriage and sexual deviant behavior is based on the Word of God. Religious principles and personal convictions will no longer hold sway when it comes to litigation in the courts. Government agencies and entities will hold dictatorial powers when it comes to enforcing laws, policies and regulations regarding homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, and a host of other deviant behaviors. Christian businesses and churches will be required to hire sexual perverts and deviants regardless of any conflicting religious beliefs.

A wave of persecution is about to descend on Bible believing Christians. Those prone to compromise will fall all over themselves trying to avoid it, while the remnant will praise God for the honor of standing up for Jesus and being counted among the faithful in the battle for Truth.

Soon laws will be enacted, making any perceived discrimination against homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and all other deviant behaviors punishable by fines, jail, etc. Christian ministries and churches that disapprove of same-sex marriage will lose their tax-exempt status, while Christian schools, colleges and institutions will be forced to hire people whose beliefs and practices are contrary to the teachings of Scripture and historic Christianity.

It is possible that pastors who are now licensed by the state to perform marriages will not be allowed to turn away same-sex couples who approach them to perform their marriage ceremonies. This will happen in much the same way that bakers and photographers have been forced to yield to the demands of same-sex couples or face the consequences if they do not. The partnership that now exists between clergy and the states regarding performing marriage ceremonies will have to be ended by those clergy who refuse to compromise their religious principles.

The moment of decision has arrived! Every Christian, church and pastor will now have to declare whether or not they stand on the ageless and changeless teachings of the Bible, or if they are now ready to join people like Tony Campolo [see page 11] and throw the Scriptures on the scrap heap of worn-out ideas and ideals. Furthermore, all Christians will have to decide if they are going to continue financially supporting churches and ministries that believe compromising the Word of God is better than faithfulness.

The coming division within the nation and among churches will be unlike anything we have known before. Individual Christians must now decide if they will continue holding membership in congregations and denominations that have abandoned the Word of God and have gone over to the enemy of men’s souls. Already such voices among the faithless clergy are pleading with their church members to embrace the gods and goddesses of this world. As for me and my house, we will not bow to the new politically correct gods that our government has created.

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