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How Shall We Then Vote?
How Shall We Then Vote?

In the last issue of The Vine and Branches, I emphasized the importance of Christians voting in this year’s elections, believing these elections may be the most critical in our nation’s history. Few issues facing us are more important than the appointment of justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold the biblical values and interpret the Constitution as it was written. A liberal shift in the Supreme Court will bring disaster on the land. Because so many Christians failed to vote in past elections, we are now being led by persons whose values are nowhere close to the biblical foundation upon which this nation was founded. Consequently, our nation is on the road to ruin.

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Our Mission is to promote revival and reformation throughout the Church.
Our Mission

Since 1984, AWM has been on the front lines in the battle for truth, challenging and encouraging churches, pastors and laity to take their stand for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus, no matter what the cost.

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Pastor Barnhart is available to counsel with congregations, laity and pastors seeking to withdraw from their liberal church body. Seminars are also offered on vital issues facing our churches and nation today.

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